Saturday, 28 February 2015


The visual effect of sunglasses will change based on the proportions of your face. However, it's difficult to purchase the perfect sunglasses if you don't already know what shape your face is!  Never fear - for a quick road map to measuring your features and determining your overall face shape,click HERE.

You appear to have a square face shape. Bold, distinctive features like a chiseled brow and a broad jawline give you a clear, masculine look. Curves look great with square faces, so consider round shapes – like oval frames and pilots. Semi-rimless styles also help balance a prominent jaw. Whether you decide to hit the gym or the boardwalk, a pair of shades can help make your dashing looks even stronger. We recommend curvier frames to set off angular features.

You have an oval-shaped face. With a face shape like yours that is taller than it is wide, you can pull off just about any look. So take your time browsing for the perfect pair. Whether you’re painting, exercising or hard at work, rectangle frames can balance your face’s vertical, upswept styles complement high cheekbones and shield frames mean better coverage. Because when it comes to style, you’re not just a jack of all trades—you’re a master of them all. Almost any frame shape will do with your face shape.

So, your face shape is round. Generally, round faces possess a height and width that are roughly equivalent. To give yourself a more distinguished look, try offsetting facial contours with geometric shapes like horizontal frames, Wayfarers and rectangle shapes—they’ll give your face a longer appearance. And whether your plans include travel, relaxation or a formal event, you’ll be well-equipped with the right pair of shades. We recommend geometric shapes to elongate facial appearance.

You have a heart-shaped face. Generally characterized by a broader brow and a narrow chin, your face shape lends naturally to prominent, striking eyes. Protect yourself with a low profile; frames that elongate your look, even out proportions, or direct attention downward are a good match. Light-colored frames and frames with thin temples or embellished bottoms can also help. So beef up your look with a great set of shades. We recommend flashier frames to give the face a more striking appearance.

For over 30 years MERCURY has made quality, affordable, fashion and performance sunglasses in the latest trends and styles - all with 100% UV protection. All Mercury Sunglasses frames also have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. It's simple.  You break them, we'll replace them. Period. Find your Mercury today. 
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A hint of sophistication here, a clever wink there, a flash of whimsy, a taste of punk—whatever your personal aesthetic, since 1984 MERCURY have specialized in the perfect accessories for your ensemble.  WE ARE Creative insurgency cleverly disguised as a fashion accessories brand.  

Mercury customers are creative, bold, stylish, and fiercely independent - with a dash of moxie. Find your Mercury today on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for our latest information, events and promotions. Have questions?  We're here to help. 

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