Friday, 27 March 2015

2015 Women's Vintage Sunglass Collection

Mercury Accessories™ Vintage Sunglasses are 100% UV Protected and feature impact resistant acrylics, polarized, distortion-free polycarbonate or glass lenses – depending on the specific model. Our polymer and metal alloy frames are durable, strong, and feature a lifetime guarantee.  You break them - we’ll replace them.  Period.  

"Polycastro" | (Above) Colour is the first thing that you need when thinking about summer. Look no further then these dazzlingly exotic 1970’s frames with a sepia-like effect. The essence of understated sophistication, these decadent and fashionable sunnies are a must have for anyone who is passionate about style. *Featuring 100% UV Protection.

"Blues" | (Above) These iconic sunglasses were designed to make a statement anywhere - from the office to the beach - with a style and class of their own. A revolutionary break from the metal eyewear of the past, these frames share the dubious honour (with the classic Aviator) as being one of the best-selling sunglass designs ever made. Note: Oversized version also available *Features 100% UV Protection.  

"Hunter" | (Above) Sunglasses this season go big. Haute couture meets urban chic with these glamorous, stylish frames. So, if making a big fashion statement (and standing out from the crowd) is your goal, these are definitely your frames. * Featuring 100% UV Protection. 

"Lucinda" | (Above) You need a pair of great glasses that solve your vision issues while flattering your face. Not to mention - everyone who’s anyone is wearing glasses. So, look no further than these over-sized, tortoise shell glasses to extend a distinctly contemporary yet classic look. 

 "Madison Ave." | (Above) Inspired by the iconic design of the 50's classic worn by cultural intellects and Mad Men, Mercury injects a little studious flair into your chic seasonal wardrobe for an extra dose of retro cool. These undeniably hip ‘browline’ shades are the perfect addition to your signature style. * Features 100% UV Protection. 

 "Monica" | (Above) Nothing quite finishes a look like a great pair of sunglasses. On your face, they give you a mysterious, movie star look. On top of the head, they serve as a chic headband. These large oval frames look good on most face shapes and embody the energetic buzz and spirit of urban life. * Featuring 100% UV Protection.

"Chrissy" | (Above) Capture this season’s hottest look with these deliciously colourful oversized frames. Adding a dose of mystery and glamour has never been easier. Their retro design will accentuate your personality and make a perfect final touch to your subtle, feminine style. * Featuring 100% UV Protection.

"Larochelle" | (Above) What's more glamorous than a pair of oversized sunglasses? Add a splash of drama and girlie glam with these geometric sunnies. They’re chic, sleek, metropolitan, and as sophisticated as you are. * Featuring 100% UV Protection.

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A hint of sophistication here, a clever wink there, a flash of whimsy, a taste of punk—whatever your personal aesthetic, since 1984 MERCURY have specialized in the perfect accessories for your ensemble.  We are creative insurgency cleverly disguised as a fashion accessories brand.  Mercury customers are creative, bold, stylish, and fiercely independent - with a dash of moxie. Find your Mercury today on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for our latest information, events and promotions. Have questions?  We're HERE to help.  * Wholesale Enquiries Welcome.
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